Do you know that you can start your branding with AOP+? AOP+ offers many different kinds of branding options for your POD business model.

Start with adding your logo and personalised message on packing slips. This is the first and FREEstep of building your own brand.

Login to your Shopify or ETSY AOP+ Go to settings > Packing Slips

Every order goes out from AOP+ with a packing slip. There is no price info on the packing slips. You can customise some elements on packing slip.

AOP+also offer other Branding Options too.

  • Customised packing slip (Details)
  • Label remove and heat press your branded label. (Details)
  • Branded sticker on postal bags. (Details)
  • Branded inserts with all orders. Full colour thank you note or promotional card. (Details)

Uygar from AOP+ prepared a Mini EBook about that called “BRANDING CHANGES EVERYTHING” it is free to download.

Branding Changes Everything

You can download Mini eBook below.

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Ready to Try AOP+? It’s free to start.